Running a lifetime to dreams


Running a lifetime to dreams

Kavitha is an ultramaraton runner and a trailblazer for all dreamers. Join her for a great journey in stunning beauty of India and her beautiful soul!



kavıtha kanaparthı


Kavitha was born in a sports loving family in Bangalore, India. At early age she starts running regularly with her father and siblings. Although her young age she had big dreams just like her father encouraged her. Since primary school she dreamed of becoming the first woman pilot of India and planned her education accordingly.

At the age of 17 during a run she had a traffic accident leading her to stay 20 days in coma. With her motivation from running she stood up and began life from the start. She started to run again and applied to study in the US to become a pilot. Never giving up her runs.

During university education, she realized how she likes to challenge herself with big goals and working for them. Some of those dreams are passing North America from West to East with bicycle and running 100 kilometers without stopping.

After finishing her engineering studies, she goes through some tests and learns that she has vertigo. Because of it she can’t be a pilot. After realizing that she can’t go after her biggest dream, Kavitha sets her mind to a new dream.

She was introduced to the ultramarathon sport while studying engineering in the US and realizes that it was not recognized in India. She decided to introduce this sport with India. In 2009 she established Globeracers and starts organizing events and ultramarathons in India.

Today, as one of the most efficient sportswoman of not only India but the World Kavitha focuses her career on Globeracers. Kavitha is a big guide for all dreamers, especially women with her passion and achievements.

Lalbagh Park

Lalbagh Gardens, meaning “The Red Garden” in English, is well known in southern Bangalore. Lalbagh has the biggest diversity of plant species in India. Bangalore people gather in very early mornings in the park to exercise and for morning sport.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park, called by the name of the longest serving commissioner of the time, Sir Mark Cubbon, is a symbolic place in the center of Bangalore. It is possible to see locals and tourists playing badminton during all day in the park.

Bengaluru Palace

Bangalore Palace, was built in 82 years, has great colorful ceramic tiles inside that reflect Indian culture. The castle-like outside reflects English culture. It’s being used by Mysore Royals. However it can be visited by public in certain times.

Big Bull Temple

Big Bull Temple was built in 1537 in southern Bangalore. People worship for sacred Nandi god that is visualized as a bull. Nandi word means ”joyful” in Sanskrit language.

Courtallam Falls

Courtallam Falss, known as the spa center of southern India, is one of the most attractive places in the country. It really worth a visit with the temple and the lovely monkeys around.

Yelagiri road

Yelagiri road is probably one of the most funyn roads to drive that links Chennai valley to the hills of Yelagiri. It is almost impossible not to encounter beautiful monkey species and peacocks through the way.

Mangalam Hill

It is one of the peak points that Yelagiri is placed on. As having a narrow area on the top, the hill serves a great view of sunset from the top of huge rocks.

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Great Tree

The oldest tree in Lalbagh Park, said to be 600 years old. With its fascinating statue-like appearance the great tree has a perimeter of 15 meters.

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