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A Dream Followed By Heart

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A Dream Followed By Heart

Staff Benda Bilili is living proof that genuine passion and determination can make anything possible. We are proud to meet these passionate musicians and share their story with you.



staff benda bilili


Staff Benda Bilili is a Congolese music group that inspires all of us…

Papa Ricky, has been disabled due to polio since he was a child. He lives and makes music in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo.

Papa has been struggling to live on the streets of an African country for years, only dreaming about his music. He believed that one day he would overcome the obstacles of his life with the source of passion and success he put into the craft of his music.

By joining hands with Djuna, a man who is restricted by the same destiny as Papa, they started the group Staff Benda Bilili which means "Look Beyond Appearances".

The hope of accomplishing their dreams grew as each new member joined the group.

To spread the joy of their music, they decided to compose a music album.

In spite of all the difficulties of the Democratic Congo Republic, they launched their first album "Bouger Le Monde".

Then they decided to make their music famous worldwide and applied in music festivals abroad.

Although they faced rejection many times, they never gave up until one day, finally they were invited to a music festival in France.

Once France saw their talent, there was nothing stopping Staff Benda Bilili. Their music spread like fire around the world as they played at numerous music festivals.

Their passion made their dreams come true!

These heroes of Congo who had tasted success, especially in Europe, decided to use their fame for a worthy cause: To help others who were disabled with Polio.

For this purpose, Staff Benda Bilili established an NGO by the name of ONG. To this date, under this organization, the group works to raise new musicians and to help children who have polio, while they also continue to prepare their new music album.


Congo River is the largest river after the Nile in Africa & also the second largest river in the world by discharge after the Amazon. A river surrounded by flora, which hosts a wide variety of life is considered a piece of heaven on the earth. The capital of Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa, is situated on one side of the river, while the capital of Republic of Congo, Brazaville, falls on the other side making them the two closest capital cities in the world.


A story of unique biodiversity of Congo, the Kinshasa zoo, located in the centre of Kinshasa. Spread over a fairly large area of ​​forest, visitors can visit the zoo & see the animals up close. The zoo offers dozens of unusual species, such as the Okapi, one of the most notable animals of the zoo.


Located in the forest of Kinshasa is one of the most important attractions of the city, the Ma Vallee Lake. The restaurant that surrounds the lake promises a unique dining experience with spectacular views. July & August are good times to visit the lake for a chance to see some beautiful, tropical butterflies in a variety of colours.


Lola ya Bonobo is the world's only sanctuary for orphaned bonobos. It has a unique environment and atmosphere providing a picturesque habitat for baby bonobos. You may feed the bonobos.

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Every member of the band in Staff Benda Bilili has their own unique necklace. The necklaces were handcrafted and designed by a friend of Papa Ricky's, with each piece containing a unique material specific to its owner, along with their names written on each.


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